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In every man there is the Heart of God

In every man there is the Heart of God, the centre of God, the Soul of God. Our heart is the Heart and the centre of God, it is the headquarters of God, it is the central point of God. In the boundless sky - where is the heart? In the moon, or in the earth, or in the sun, or in one of the stars? The star can say, “I am the centre of space!” - it will be true. The earth can say, “I am the centre of space!” - that will also be true. The earth and the planet can both say the same, anyone of the distant stars can say the same. So, in boundless space, any point anywhere is the heart of space. In the boundless Reality that God is, anybody, any heart, anywhere in it, is the centre of that Reality, the Heart of the Reality. So, every aspirant, anyone who is open to God, everyone who is conscious of God is the centre and the Heart of God.

In a boundless Reality, the Heart is everywhere, it is One. It is a centre without a circumference, the centre is boundless, illimitable, so every aspirant is the Heart of God, the centre of God, the headquarters of God, the access to God. Knowing this Truth, the aspirant should make more progress and feel the immediate Presence of the Divine.

Every little prayer, every little meditation, every little service, every little work for the Divine is a tremendous gain. In the beginning, the results may not be visible, if we look at someone we easily think he has failed after twenty years of spiritual life, but it is not failure, the victory is very near, there is no loss on the spiritual path.

Swami Omkarananda

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