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Yoga class

A long established yoga class has been run by Rosemary in the Childwall/Wavertree area with its current in-person venue being St Stephen's URC Hall, Lance Lane, Wavertree, L15 6TB.  Classes also take place online.

These friendly classes are suitable for all levels of ability, whether you are new to yoga or you have been practicing for many years, come along and give them a try.



Class Schedule

Monday evenings from 7.00pm-8.30pm (GMT) on Zoom - Hatha Yoga, mixed ability. 

Tuesday mornings at 11.00am-12.15pm (GMT) Gentle Years Yoga on Zoom - a chair based class.

Tuesday evening from 7.00-8.30pm (GMT) in person at:  St Stephen's Church Hall, Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 6TB and online via Zoom - Hatha Yoga, mixed ability

For more details please email or message.


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Rosemary Online Teaching

Tuesday 27 February 2024
Garuda Mudra

Cleansing the doors of perception

There is a centre in the body where love and spirit are joined, and that centre is the heart. It is your heart that aches or fills with love, that feels compassion and trust, and that seems empty or overflowing. Within the heart is a subtle centre that experiences spirit, but you can’t feel spirit as an emotion or physical sensation. Spirit lies beneath the layers of sensations, and to experience it, you must go to the heart and meditate upon it until everything that obscures spirit is cleansed. In the words of the poet William Blake, “you are cleansing the doors of perception.”

Yoga Class Vinyasa 27.2.24 (798kb)

Monday 26 February 2024
Full moon

In the silence there is stillness

“The magnificence of the moon
Is rarely captured by a camera.
What makes you think
You are any different?” Donna Ashworth

In the silence there is fullness. If you have been fearful, uncertain, and worried, in the silence there is confidence. If you have felt lack, in the silence there is completeness. If you have felt sorrow, in the silence there is joy. In the fullness of the silence there is nourishment and strength.  As you are connected to inner silence, you are able to feel and see the light and presence of higher qualities and to share these qualities with others. This is the power of the fullness of silence.

Yoga class vinyasa 26.2.24 (797kb)

Tuesday 20 February 2024
Magical Moments

Beautiful Moments


You must believe in the magic.  Even on the dreariest of days, when light is scarce, you must leave space in your heart for the good stuff to thrive.  Let it in.  Look for it.  Beautiful moments are everywhere, waiting to be seen.  And each time you see one amongst the mire, you’re reminding every cell in your body that life is so much more than days in a week and chores on a list.  It is a patchwork kaleidoscope of absolutely everything.  And you are a fascinating, complicated part of that art. @donnaashworthwords

Yoga Class Vinyasa 20.2.24 (792kb)

Monday 19 February 2024


“Self-love is far deeper than many of us make it out to be. It is about developing trust with yourself by staying accountable to the habits that are good for you. It is about checking your inner-critic and not talking to yourself with hatred and constant criticism. It is about actualizing your self-worth and respect into action, by mindfully and intentionally doing things each day to support your growth, healing, and peace. And most important of all, it is about recognizing the role that community plays in all of this - that connections, friendships, compassion, and love, all have the power to heal you when you need it most. A better world begins with the relationship you have with yourself, and as a result, with the world around you. To truly love yourself, you must understand how vital it is to care for yourself so that you can show up for a world that needs you, now more than ever. All of it starts within you.” @artofbreathing

Yoga Class Vinyasa 19.2.24 (599kb)

Tuesday 30 January 2024
Cyprus Tree

The view from the top of a tree

Imagine you are in a garden where there is a tall Monterey Cypress tree, it is a tall evergreen conifer with large spreading branches.   From the top of this tree you can see the sea. You feel very comfortable because the branches at the top of the tree form a safe platform where you can sit and relax.  See yourself sitting on the safe platform at the top of this tree.

From the tree, you have a raven's-eye view of the garden. You are higher than the roof of the house. You have a clear view of sunrise and sunset and a panoramic view of the landscape in all directions – notice what you see.  Look at the wide palate of colours, the range of greens and browns.

Now I close your eyes and feel the rough bark of the branches that are supporting you. You can reach out and touch the succulent, glossy leaves and the sticky bark which smell of cypress...

The air is fresh from the sea, a slightly tangy taste on your lips.

The only sounds are the movements of the leaves and branches of the trees, the wind is gentle. The sun is setting but is still warming and you are surrounded by golden light...

Enjoy the way you feel in this safe place. 

Yoga Class Vinyasa 30.1.24 (761kb)

Monday 29 January 2024
Rain on Lake

Love's Impact to the Universe

Picture a lake, the lake is your mind.  If your mind is busy, see pouring rain disturbing the surface of the lake.  Use your gentle out breath to help to slow down your thoughts, thus slow down your mind.  Picture the rain slowing down, there is less disturbance with each breath.  How quiet can you make your thoughts?  How many drops are falling onto the surface of the lake?

Let the surface settle.  Let the mind settle.  Let go of everything.

Let the body come into a state of complete calm.  Be still and centred. 

“Send your love on the wings of the wind that is blowing

Float your love on the waves of the ether that is flowing.

Charge with love the breath you are exhaling in order it may convey, by becoming one with the universal air, love’s impact to the universe. Thoughts travel faster than light: therefore, make them the quickest and fastest bearers of your love who would encircle our planet earth with majestic rings of Love, as the inspiring rings encircle the planet Saturn. As you give a cup of tea, or a book, or an article to others, so can the feeling be given to others. Give then, the feelings of love. The more you give them, the more they multiply and the more you can give.” (Swami Omkarananda)

Yoga Class Vinyasa 29.1.24 (870kb)

Tuesday 23 January 2024


Deepen your breath.
Deepen your appreciation of this breath,
Of this body,
Of this life.

Within myself I see a loving, beautiful being.  It is safe for me to look within.

Yoga Class Vinyasa 23.1.24 (783kb)

Monday 22 January 2024
Live the moment

This Moment

Most of us have a tendency to live in the past or future.  How often do you find yourself thinking about what happened yesterday, or what might happen tomorrow? How does this affect your life and well-being?

Constantly thinking about the past and worrying about the future can make it difficult to enjoy the good things in your life in the here and now. Learning how to be more mindful and live in the moment can give you a greater appreciation for your life, help reduce stress, and minimise anxiety.   Developing the skill to keep the mind focussed and in the present is something that is essential in daily living.  The inspirational spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says, "To live in the present moment is a miracle.  The miracle is not to walk on water.  The miracle is to walk on the green earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now."

Tuesday 16 January 2024
Waves and wind image

Waves and Wind

The lighter you become,
The more becomes possible.

Water released from its bonds of the ocean
Can swirl around the entire world.
But once trapped in a cloud,
Upon gaining weight again,
It returns to the earth.

So, become even lighter.
Be like smoke:
Dissolve into spaciousness,
Slip into nothingness,
Be carried through the wind,
Tasting rice paddies
And mountain peaks
And sand dunes.

And become even lighter.
Be the photon, for which time does not exist,
Travelling to outer realms of knowing.

If you wish to go beyond this universe,
To break free of worldly tribulations,
Shed your armor,
Release heavy tension,
Dissolve your very soul,
Discover love and light
And let go into the true beyond.

Beach, Z. (ND) 108 Savasana Poems Blissful Words From the Heart of Yoga

Yoga Class Vinyasa 16.1.24 (782kb)

Monday 15 January 2024
Breathe Matt Bingham

Let distractions silence themselves

The third Monday of January is called ‘Blue Monday’, for it is when research reports an increase of poor mental health.  The lack of daylight hours means people spend more time indoors, they shut off from outside.  There is less motivation to go out, spend time with friends, or exercise; all activities which are natural antidepressants as they boost mood.  You have today, by coming to class, boosted your natural antidepressants by connecting with friends, our yoga community, doing some exercise – some yoga, which includes relaxation and meditation and above all, you have breathed!  With a sedentary lifestyle, so prevalent at this time of year, so easily we find ourselves sitting down for long periods, not being able to get out of bed, our breathing suffers, it becomes shallow.  You can boost your mood by simply breathing fuller and deeper, just as we do in class.

Days pass and the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles. May our eyes be filled with seeing and our minds be filled with knowing; let there be moments when Presence, like lightning, illumines the darkness in which we walk. Help us to see, wherever we gaze, the beauty, the wonder and the miracles all around us.

Click on the image for a link to a beautify music track. 

Yoga Class Vinyasa 15.1.24 (844kb)


"I find your classes so helpful in enabling relaxation and sleep." Jane


Today I went to Prema Yoga. I didn’t search for it and no one told me about it, I just found it, a little bit by accident but what a find! Prema Yoga doesn’t have a great Google page rank. It doesn’t appear in the initial listings when you do a search for ‘yoga and Liverpool’, but it should. ‘Many teachers and student teachers attend this class along with people who have been practicing yoga for many years, therefore it includes the practice pranayama, mantra and meditation. The format of the sessions mean there is always something for any level of student from beginner to experienced. It is a mixed class of males and females’.

I found Prema Yoga in my search term ‘Yoga Liverpool’ and I was impressed by Rosemary's experience and qualifications that I read on the website. I was intrigued by her credentials and curious about the type of class that she would deliver as on the website it simply said ‘Yoga’ class. I was looking forward to meeting her and experiencing the class. I called her up in the morning to check that the class was on as there wasn’t a booking facility online. She was friendly and told me it was a drop in class and to definitely come along. So at 6:30 p.m. I called a cab and arrived at the Conference Centre in Hope Park with time to chill on my mat before we began.

I haven’t been back to Hope since I finished Uni and the gardens have really taken off!  Also for anyone who knew Hope before the Liverpool 1 era, the Conference Centre is what used to be the nursery. The yoga class is held in one of the conference rooms. It’s warm and dimly lit with good space for about fifteen to twenty students. The class was full and everyone seemed to know each other and chatted before we began.

Rosemary has a very gentle and reassuring tone of voice and is knowledgeable about the postures. She delivers this knowledge to the class in a manner that is warm and informative. She had set a theme for the class and the postures complemented the theme. The class flowed beautifully. We were often asked how we felt after certain postures and Rosemary also demonstrated modifications of postures that we could choose.

The latter part of the session included pranayamas, (breathing exercises) meditation and an invitation to affirmations. The class closed with a luxurious yoga nidra  (body scan). I thoroughly enjoyed the practice of yoga in this style. The class was not rushed and not arduous. Some of the joint freeing series at the beginning of the class made me feel as though I’d had a great massage!

I understand now why the class was just listed as ‘Yoga’, because it was totally just yoga, in all it’s glory! I have to admit that I was so blissed out at the end of the class I thanked Rosemary and gave her a big hug! It was difficult to believe that I had been there practicing for two whole hours! When I left Hope Park and walked out onto Taggart  Avenue I was feeling super relaxed and incredibly present. An hour later I arrived home. I’d walked all the way … Maybe yoga should come with a health warning; because it really does makes you feel amazingly alright!

Rachele, co-founder of Eco Liverpool (

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