In Service Training/Continuing Professional Development

Saturday 11 November 2023
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Venue:  Well House Yoga Space, Harrogate, HG3 2LN

Time:  10.00-4.00pm

Tutor:  Rosemary Ring

Title:  Swara Yoga

Type of Event:  Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Day for the British Wheel of Yoga

Organiser:  Clare Walker, BWY North Yorkshire Representative,

The swara yogis made intricate correlations between the way the breath was flowing and various psychological and physiological states.  For example they noticed that having the right or left nostril open would gear us toward one activity or another.  If individuals breathe through the right side, they said, they tend to become more active and aggressive, more alert and more oriented toward the external world.  Breathing through the left side, on the other hand, produces a quieter, more passive psychological state, one more oriented toward the inner world. This day will study this aspect of yoga.

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