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For me, yoga is a lifeline.  It was in my early 20's I came to this realisation. I had been attending a yoga class at my workplace for a few years and when I switched jobs I stopped attending the class.  Six months later with the stresses of a high pressured job and a parent in crisis, I found I wasn't coping well with the stress that usually didn't bother me.  I realised it was yoga that had helped me cope, and now that I wasn't praciting yoga, I wasn't coping.  So I found a new yoga class and promised myself never to stop practicing again, and I never have.  

I wanted to know more and more about yoga and the benefits it brings, and I wanted to share my love of yoga with others.  I became a teacher and then a teacher of teachers.  Whether you are looking for a yoga class, teacher training, continuing professional development, or days of yoga, one-to-ones or mini-workshops, please look through the website or contact me.


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