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Spiritual Awareness

In the Bhagavad Gita it says, "On this path, effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure.  Even a little effort towards spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear."

In Eknath Easwaran's commentary on this verse he says, 

"To be truly secure, we must begin to find a source of security within ourselves. Even the bravest among us have many fears. Behind the attachment to money or possessions, for example, you will always find the fear of loss. Attachment to prestige brings the nagging fear of what others think of us. The thirst for power feeds the fear that others may be stronger. Every self-centered desire brings the fear that we may not get what we desire.

One could make a catalog of these fears, but all stem from one fatal superstition: thinking of ourselves as merely physical creatures, separate from the rest of life. As our sense of oneness with the rest of life deepens, we step out of the world of fear to live in the world of love."

Source:  Blue Mountain Center of Meditation

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