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At Prema Yoga, we can share first-hand experience of how this age-old discipline can truly change someone’s life. From lowering stress levels to boosting happiness, and encouraging a journey of self-discovery, practising yoga can benefit every aspect of our lifestyle, relationships, and life outlook.
We certainly don’t live in an era in which it is easy to cope with stress, and the many macroeconomic changes that are happening do nothing but feed anxiety and fear. At Prema Yoga, we have worked to create a safe place for sharing, appreciation, compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness. Become part of our community today.
A Holistic Approach To Wellbeing
There is no single way to approach a yoga journey. Many people approach this discipline when looking for relief from stress and overwhelm. For others, it is a matter of wanting to become stronger, more centred, and more flexible. No matter your goal, yoga offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellbeing.
In the classes held at our Merseyside studio, we bring together several aspects of yoga, including Asanas (posture), fluid movements and transitions, breathwork, mindfulness, and relaxation. These aspects come together to help you build a stronger relationship with your body and mind.
One-to-One Tutorials and Private Sessions
At Prema Yoga’s studio in Merseyside, our goal is to create a safe and comfortable space for all. That is why we offer one-to-one tutorials and private sessions for those yogis who prefer the privacy and intimacy of smaller classes.
During these sessions, you will be individually looked after - which is also a great way to strengthen your yoga skills and work on your own areas of improvement!
These classes are also another way to make the discipline of yoga more accessible to everyone, no matter whether your lifestyle does not allow you to attend our weekly classes, or you prefer to practise from the comfort of your home.
Small Classes For Everyone
Yoga is an inward journey of discovery of your body and mind - but it is also a social discipline that draws power from the strength and cohesion of a community. If you prefer to practise surrounded by loving and compassionate humans, and you are here to create lifelong relationships, our small weekly classes are the right option for you.
Get in touch today to secure your spot and meet your journey’s companions.
Over 35 Years of Yoga Experience
Prema Yoga is the brainchild of Rosemary - a yoga teacher and practitioner for over 36 years. Rosemary is not only a licensed yoga teacher, but she’s also a Diploma Course Tutor for the British Wheel of Yoga, a yoga teacher training mentor, an experienced reflexologist, and a Bowen Technique practitioner.
Rosemary is also specialised in delivering pregnancy yoga classes and techniques to improve back health.
Book Your First Yoga Class in Merseyside
Booking your first yoga class isn’t difficult from taking the first step toward a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. Unsure what to expect? Get in touch with Rosemary at or phone 07875 578223 to get all of your questions answered and book your spot in the next yoga class in Merseyside.

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