Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy Yoga
Prema yoga offers pregnancy yoga classes and courses in Allerton. The classes are designed to support pregnant women through their journey, from early pregnancy right through to labour. Classes are taught by an experienced teacher with a wealth of knowledge in pregnancy, yoga and birth. Pregnant women can attend any class at any stage of their pregnancy - no previous yoga experience is necessary. Yoga postures can be adapted to suit each woman's individual needs and abilities, making it a safe and beneficial practice for all. Prema yoga also offers private sessions for those who prefer more personalised attention or have specific health concerns.
What Can Yoga Do For You
Before the mother starts practising yoga while pregnant, she should inform herself about what yoga can do during pregnancy. This way, it's easier for her to adapt poses until they feel good and avoid discomfort.
Pregnancy Yoga improves posture, muscle strength, reduces back pain, and helps you stay flexible. In addition, it also strengthens abdominal muscles but should only be done when the doctor has given permission. Yoga while pregnant enables you to gain mental clarity through relaxation. It can ease stress and tension in expectant mothers with anxiety.
When practising yoga during pregnancy, the mother is instructed to carefully listen to her body and go at a suitable pace. It should not cause discomfort but only feel good. In addition, staying fit during pregnancy means you are less likely to develop gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or have a cesarean section delivery.
Pregnancy Yoga can easily be performed in any trimester.
Pregnant women are advised not to do yoga if they have:
-high blood pressure or vaginal bleeding
-pain in the pelvic area
-cervical cancer
-placenta previa
-multiple pregnancies or previous cesarean section.
Let Us Take A Look At Some Benefits
Physical benefits of pregnancy yoga
The physical benefits of pregnancy yoga are that it improves muscle strength and mobility by stretching muscle groups. In addition, pregnancy Yoga strengthens abdominal muscles, which will help during labour after giving birth. The mother gains mental clarity through relaxation, but there is also a calming effect.
Yoga contains a lot of breathing exercises and meditation postures that can help pregnant women relax and improve their mental health. In addition to that, the chance is lower than they developing anxiety or stress-related problems such as depression.
Emotional benefits of pregnancy yoga
Yoga while pregnant improves the mothers' emotional wellbeing by soothing her body and mind with natural poses. The mother feels more in tune with herself and is calmer than before she practised yoga during her pregnancy. This means she also has an easier time coping when experiencing labour pain after giving birth because she's less tense. When practising Pregnancy Yoga, feelings like fear, anger, guilt, grief, sadness, and shame can be reduced.
A Mothers Self-esteem
Yoga while pregnant also improves the mother's self-esteem, which may be low from her body changes caused by her pregnancy, such as stretch marks or increased weight. The mothers' lack of patience while waiting for their baby to arrive may also be reduced because they feel better and stronger during yoga. This way, the chance is smaller than they develop postpartum depression (PPD) after giving birth.
Join Us
Before starting any prenatal yoga class, it is advised that you first talk to your doctor or midwife.
Pregnancy yoga is a great way to prepare your body and mind for labour. Our classes are designed to help you stay healthy and comfortable during your pregnancy and can also help to shorten your labour time. Our instructor is an experienced professional who will guide you through each class at your own pace. Come and join us today for a relaxed and enjoyable experience. You won't regret it! :-)

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