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For the most transformative Yoga Classes Allerton has to offer, look no further than Prema Yoga. Here at Prema Yoga we host a variety of outstanding Yoga Classes Allerton residents can get involved with, no matter what your age, experience or fitness level may be! We recognise just how life-changing Yoga can be for every person from all walks of life, and that’s exactly why we are so committed to offering such a wide range of standout Yoga Classes in Allerton that you can start today.
Why are Yoga Classes so beneficial for your body and mind?
There are many aspects of modern life that can knock you off balance, having a negative impact on your physical and mental health despite efforts to protect yourself. Whether you’re forced to sit down day in day out at work, have a particularly stressful job, or find that you spend too much time watching television or browsing social media, there are countless things that can have a noticeable influence on the way that you feel both in your body and mind. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way, as the ancient art of yoga is one of the most effective ways to transform the way that you feel physically and mentally in record time. Pursuing regular yoga classes can help to restore health and happiness, inspiring you to maintain a lasting sense of wellbeing that encourages you to jump out of the right side of the bed every morning. The practice of Yoga has been popular amongst many cultures across Asia for thousands of years, and with the help of the experts at Prema Yoga, you can reap the same rewards as millions of others have done around the world throughout history. The list of reasons why you should take part in the best Yoga Classes Allerton can offer is seemingly endless, but if you value your mental and physical health, then yoga classes are the place for you.
Why choose Yoga Classes at Prema Yoga?
At Prema Yoga, we take health seriously. The founder and owner of Prema Yoga, Rosemary Prema Bennett, has been involved in the world of yoga for more than 40 years in total, and she maintains a strong belief that yoga isn’t just exercise, it’s a way of transforming the mind through the movement of the body. After a session, you will likely feel noticeably different in yourself - yoga can relieve your stresses and help you to achieve a different kind of consciousness, reaching a state where you are distant from your anxieties, pains and distractions. Prema Yoga offers so many different kinds of Yoga Classes in Allerton that you can get involved with, including Gentle Years Yoga, Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs and Yoga for Pregnancy.
Gentle years yoga - a type of chair-based yoga which has been specifically designed for older people.
Yoga for healthy lower backs - this class aims to help people with lower back pain caused by a variety of different factors.
Yoga for pregnancy - a special type of yoga designed to deal with depression, low back pain and pelvic girdle pain, all of which are symptoms that most pregnant women face.
If you are ready to reap the rewards offered by the best Yoga Classes Allerton can provide, then reach out to a friendly member of the Prem Yoga team today. You can email us at, or call us on 0151 494 1082, or 07875 578223.

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