Yoga classes Liverpool

Yoga classes Liverpool
Bend, stretch and release that week of tension from your body. If you’re looking for an inclusive and relaxing yoga class in Liverpool, then come to Prema Yoga.
Suppose you have been doing yoga at home or taken classes previously. In that case, you already know just how essential it is to have yoga teachers and an environment that nourishes and nurtures you. Prema Yoga never compromises on the wellbeing and enjoyment of our yogis - and we can’t wait to welcome more Liverpool yogis to our classes.
Not only can you enjoy yoga classes in Liverpool, but you can have one-to-one tutorials and private sessions too. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, Prema Yoga can support you and help you thrive.
What are the benefits of yoga?
Yoga is often one of the first things that people recommend for those who have been feeling low or that have some form of anxiety or depression. But yoga can help a wide range of people - and those who don’t have any conditions.
Here are some of the conditions that can see a dramatic improvement when they take part in yoga:
Limited mobility
Poor circulation
High blood pressure
While there are yoga flows that can give you deep stretches and tension releases, there are many that are gentle and slow. The gentle movement in yoga is designed to help you move in a way that feels good to you.
Overtime yoga can help gently strengthen your muscles, and you will have some extra flexibility in many cases.
Is yoga hard for beginners?
If you are looking for classes where you will feel welcome as a yoga beginner in Liverpool - come and join us. Yoga has a low entry point, but what is really important is that you move at the pace that suits you. Something that makes you feel good and releases tensions and stress.
You can give Prema Yoga a call any time to talk about any barriers you think you have and which type of yoga and class will work for you.
One thing to keep in mind is that everyone starts somewhere with yoga, and before long, you will be rolling out your mat every morning and getting to as many classes as you can!
Yoga is great and welcoming to beginners - and we can’t wait to welcome you.
Do you have pregnancy yoga?
Prema Yoga offers pregnancy yoga classes for people in the Liverpool area. Rosemary is a trained pregnancy yoga practitioner and can help you get the most from your yoga practice. Research shows that prenatal yoga has benefits for the pregnant person by reducing backache and helping with balance and mobility.
The calm nature of yoga and focused breathing can also reduce stress and anxiety and help with sleeplessness during pregnancy too.
Before you start yoga classes, it is a good idea to check in with your medical team to make sure it is the right thing for you.
So if you’re looking for Liverpool-based yoga classes - come see us; we’d be happy to help you along your yoga journey.

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