Yoga teacher training Liverpool

Yoga teacher training Liverpool
Do you maintain a regular yoga practice? If you do, you might qualify for teacher training, allowing you to continue with your practice while helping others discover the joy of yoga for themselves. Find out more about yoga teacher training in Liverpool and how to get started at the Pema yoga centre with Rosemary Bennett.
Why Teach Yoga?
There are many reasons people start a yoga practice; not only is it excellent for physical and mental wellbeing, but it can help you reach your life goals and your highest potential. If you’ve sustained a yoga practice for some time, you might consider passing your experience on.
When you have a certain level of experience practising yoga, you could qualify as a yoga teacher and benefit from a personal practice while you show other people the yoga path. Earn a livelihood doing something you love and share in the joy of spreading yoga and improving lives.
Yoga Teacher Training
At Prema Yoga teacher training in Liverpool, we take you through three stages of training; the initial stage is called Preparing to Teach, which covers anatomy, physiology, and breathing. The Teaching and Philosophy of Hatha Yoga cover pranic systems, and The Teaching and Philosophy of Meditation cover theories and teaching as well as classic philosophical texts.
Prema Yoga understands the need for integrity in yoga teacher training to ensure teachers understand the theory and practice of yoga and how to impart ancient knowledge to modern practitioners safely and responsibly. Find out more about teacher training through the website.
Training Syllabus
Prema Yoga teacher training is divided into three teaching areas to ensure those future yoga teachers are grounded in the deep philosophy and ancient practices of yoga. These three areas cover the fundamentals of hatha yoga, yoga philosophy, and meditation to support your practice.
Although the syllabus is divided into three areas that follow chronologically, they have an interconnected subject matter and emphasis. Yoga is developmental by nature, it works on many different levels simultaneously, but you can rely on a progressive approach to learning.
Attendance Requirements
Yoga teaching training is a serious endeavour, and a level of commitment is required. Not only are you expected to maintain a personal yoga practice, but you are required to attend all of the teacher training classes except under special circumstances. 80% attendance is a requirement.
If you miss some of the course, you are required to catch up on any content you missed; this might include study or practice elements. Making up the content you missed can be done by attending additional classes or training days organized by the BWY; so you aren’t left behind.
Prema Yoga
Prema Yoga is a dedicated yoga centre established by Rosemary Prema Bennett, a yoga practitioner and instructor who established her teaching practice in 1985. For over forty years, Rosemary has studied yoga philosophy and practised a wide range of yoga styles. Now, her centre offers comprehensive yoga teacher training in Liverpool to spread the spirit of yoga.

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