Gentle Years Yoga Liverpool

Gentle Years Yoga Liverpool
If you're in your later years and have some mobility issues, it's even more important to stay active. Maintaining physical activity when you're older strengthens your body, prevents falls, keeps your mind active, and allows you to meet with friendly faces on a regular basis. The good news is that yoga is not just for the young; people of any age can benefit from a yoga practice.
Staying Active in Older Age
Staying active is important at any stage of life; the body has evolved to be physically active and deteriorates quickly when the muscles are not engaged regularly. This is even more important as we get older, as mobility issues prevent some people from maintaining an active lifestyle.
Surprisingly, one of the best ways to maintain activity in later years is through yoga. Yoga practice doesn't have to mean holding advanced poses; instead, it can mean practising gentle yoga poses and techniques that build strength and keep the body active without risking injury.
Yoga Techniques
If you have some mobility issues and you recognise the benefits of staying physically active, why not try some chair-based yoga at the Prema Yoga Centre. Chair-based yoga is a modern form of yoga developed in 1982, and it incorporates many of the traditional yoga techniques.
Gentle Years Yoga at the Prema Yoga Centre offers a chair-based yoga class developed by the British Wheel of Yoga. It is specifically designed to help older adults to stay physically active and avoid injuries. Yoga practice also helps people to build strength and resilience to prevent falls.
Social Isolation
What better way to spend a morning or afternoon that with some concentrated exercise followed by social time with regular faces. Social isolation is a big issue in later yeast communities, especially for those with mobility issues. A lack of social time can affect our mental wellbeing.
Attending a Gentle Years Yoga class at Prema Yoga Centre is an excellent way to boost your wellbeing with physical activity followed by social interactions. Benefit from regular inclusion in a supportive and understanding environment and leave feeling stronger and happier.
British Wheel of Yoga
The British Wheel of Yoga is an established yoga foundation in the UK. It was established by Wilfred Clark, a first world war veteran who practised yoga extensively during his time in the war. When he returned to his civilian life, he set up the organisation the British Wheel of Yoga.
The British Wheel of Yoga is responsible for developing the Gentle Years Yoga technique to support yoga practices in later years. If you're based in Liverpool, you can benefit from this progressive service at the Prema Yoga Centre, simply contact us for information or to book.
Prema Yoga
Prema Yoga is a yoga centre based in Liverpool; it was established by Rosemary 'Prema' Bennett, a yoga practitioner and instructor with over forty years of experience. Rosemary began teaching yoga in 1985 and has experience with a wide range of yoga styles, including later years yoga. Contact Prema Yoga in Liverpool to find out more about Gentle Years classes.

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