Yoga classes

Yoga is a practice that has been effective for generations and will continue to be effective for many years to come. For those looking to get their exercise in or who want to explore certain aspects of themselves, it’s perfect. It places together the perfect mix of intense work with light work and allows you to feel so much smoother – mentally and physically – than you once did.
Does a yoga class sound like something you’d be interested in this year? Well, why not check us out at Prema Yoga. Rosemary has been practicing and teaching yoga for well over 30 years now – so you know that she’ll be able to impart a thing or two.
As an experienced Diploma Course Tutor for the British Wheel of Yoga, you’ll be offered teacher training, workshops, seminars, and BWY in-service training. Plenty for you to sink your teeth into if you so choose! If you’re pregnant or have issues with your lower back, then you don’t have to worry as there are specialist classes for these two, also!
Every single person on this planet is welcome to try our yoga classes. The wonderful thing about Prema Yoga is the fact that there is a class for most situations and all people. If you’re an older person and you’d love the idea of getting a little mobile exercise done, you can take part in a chair-based yoga class that is aimed at people in your position!
Based in Liverpool Hope University, Rosemary has been doing her thing for more than 30 years and will continue to deliver wonderful classes for years to come.
Teachers and student teachers attend the class with those of us who have been practicing yoga for a long time now. In these classes, we practice pranayama, mantra, and meditation. All of which is wonderful for the mind, body, and soul. One perfect element of our classes is that the way they are set up means any level of student can enjoy and get the best out of the session. It’s a wonderful class and a wonderful practice that anyone can take part in.
For those of you who would find yourself in Gentle Years Yoga, you’d find yourself taking part in poses that are adapted to suit inactive older adults with comorbidities and physical limitations. As mentioned before, we want everyone to feel welcome and want the benefits of the practice to be more than reaped. It’s a wonderful way of getting out and beating social isolation – a big problem among elder individuals.
If you find yourself intrigued and genuinely gripped by the idea of taking part in our yoga classes, then don’t be afraid to get in touch.
You can give us a call on 07875 578223. You could also email at
We can’t wait to hear from you!

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